“The Purest of Human Pleasures”

So said Sir Francis Bacon of gardening in one of his finest essays. And the ancient Chinese agreed. In an  proverb they said that if you wanted to be happy for life, you should plant a garden.

I have gardened for almost 30 years in Nashville. For many years on a suburban lot, but lately in pots on an apartment porch, and in other people’s gardens, which I am restoring and renovating. I know how to plant and what to plant. I know how to prune and propagate.  I once taught classes at the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, and my garden was visited by the local NPT show “The Volunteer Gardener”. And now with my new post retirement adventure as a professional gardener, I have decided to share what I know with those who want help gardening in Nashville’s often problematic climate.

This blog will talk about plants, weeds, gardening books, great Southern gardeners, reliable roses-any number of gardening topics. I hope to post at least twice a week.


I will mention that my first blog, on Blogger ,will continue. It is” Miss Betsy’s Tee -tiny Tennessee Kitchen”, and it is devoted to cooking, reading, natural history, and writing. All “Served up with a Side Dish of Irony”, as I say in my title.


About talesofanashvillegardener

Professional gardener, Experimental Cook. Constant Reader
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