“Peach Drift ” Rose


This is a small landscape rose called “Peach Drift”. Marketed in the wake of the “Knockout” roses, garden centers such as Hewitt out on Hillsboro Road sold it this spring as a no care, no spray rose. It has the old Polyantha rose “The Fairy” in  its lineage.

I once grew The Fairy”, but found it twiggy and its color washed out. This rose is much better, though when it is very hot its color fades. I can attest that it is disease free. No mildew. No blackspot.

When this summer is over I will plant this in one of the gardens I am rehabilitating. Next year I want to try “Happie Chappie”, a small rose whose blooms resemble “Mutabilis”.

The blue flower is Salvia “Indigo Spires”. I bought one plant and made cuttings. This is one of those. If winters are mild ,this salvia lives over. It is a useful plant as well, for it has a pleasant habit of gracefully leaning over bare spots and covering ground. That is a habit I like, for I prefer plants to meld together. I dislike seeing them marooned in an ocean of mulch, far from their neighbors-

* Pay no attention to the beagle in the corner. He is a publicity hound who always wants into a picture.


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One Response to “Peach Drift ” Rose

  1. I have three of these lovely roses and they bloomed all summer even though we have the worst drought on record! Hardy!

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