My Old Garden

Though grainy and faded, these are photos of photos I took in my old garden in the 1990’s. That garden is long gone. Much of the 15 foot border was planted with tender perennials and annuals, the most reliable plants to provide color through our hot summers and falls. Blue and pink porterweed,celosias, salvias, gomphrena, sesbania, caesalpinias, tall annual ageratum-

The front walk garden was planted with herbs, artemesias, mulleins, toadflax,-but it was eventually shaded out, a fate of many southern gardens, for our shade trees let us live outside in our summers.






And here are three special plants I found last week at the deserted garden centers, for who shops for plants on July 28 in 96 degree heat?

These plants are not hardy and will winter inside with me. I think they will be worth it-

This is Phygelius capensis. It was labelled “Lemon Spritzer”, but that was an error, for this plant is not variegated. I have deduced that if this plant spent the summer in shade over at Hewitt in Franklin, it is happy in Tennessee.




This is Lippia graveolans, Mexican Oregano. It will become a three foot shrub, though not in my container . Another fragrant hummingbird plant.


And this red flower is Rusellia sarmentosa, the Firecracker plant.



Again, another hummingbird plant-


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