October Surprise





Three years ago I bought a Night Blooming Cereus  from Logee’s Greenhouses. It was a four inch piece of leaf, and over the next two years it grew to 2 feet tall. It is a rather lax,inelegant plant that I needed to stake with bamboo sticks. By the end of this summer I was about to re- name it the “Never Blooming Cereus”.

And then the buds appeared. Larger and larger they grew, until they were the size and shape of gourds.

At 4PM today I saw white on one of the buds. At 8pm, I walked toward the kitchen, and all three buds had opened. They are fragrant, and smell like lilies. These blossoms will wilt tomorrow. Who knows when I will see more-

This plant spent the summer in part shade on my porch. I watered it when it dried out, and no more.

A magical sight!



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