Death among the Delphiniums- The Midsomer Murders

Any one interested in lovely English cottage gardens can visit them vicariously while at the same time watching many an entertaining mystery. The program is the “Midsomer Murders” which has 13 seasons on Netflix. It was filmed in the quiet English villages where geezers ride bicycles past houses dripping with climbing roses and surrounded by dream herbaceous borders. which by the end of the program may or may not house a corpse or three.Everyone in these county towns is a gardener, or can afford to pay one, but being a great gardener gives no immunity to having one’s head bashed in. The only characters guaranteed to live or not be the murderer are the police, tiny babies, and sporting retriever dogs

These fictional towns have more killings than Memphis, Chicago, and Detroit combined. The many fetes, town picnics, fairs here are never rained out, they are murdered out. Someone gets knifed at a dog show on the village green and the police and crime scene people arrive in squads.

One would think these towns people would be cautious living in such a dangerous place, but they are always getting bumped off as they go downstairs after calling out “Who’s there?”

Well we know who it is as we see the black gloves, the hoodie, and the sneaky black coat. But these inevitable victims never learn.

Interestingly one never guesses the murderer from rose scratches, which is astonishing considering how many cottage doors look dangerously thorny.

This series is fun to watch, and a gardener’s fantasy.How I envy the English who plant such gardens. They do not suffer summers straight from Borneo, and springs studded with tornadoes.

Like Nashville-


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