Grace Notes for the Garden

Here is a happy combination in a concrete planter in a garden in Green Hills. Sedum sieboldii and Talinum parviflorum, or the October Daphne and the Prairie Fameflower are too small and delicate to live anywhere other than a planter or a rock garden. They would not survive errant puppies, or living between paving stones, or being flopped on by something larger and coarser.

I think the October Daphne is the loveliest of all sedums, with its scalloped edges and leaves in pink, yellow, and seafoam green. It blooms in October when its pink flowers are harbingers of Autumn and the end of the gardening year.

The Prairie Fameflower is a hardy little Portulaca from the Midwest, where it grows on rock outcroppings. It begins to bloom in June, with cherry colored flowers at the end of wiry, almost invisible stems. If it is happy, and it usually is, it will seed around freely. It blooms in late afternoon.

The sedum pictured here came out of my old garden in Bellevue, and it has lived a sheltered existence. The Fameflower is a descendant of a plant I had a decade ago in my  rock garden. I bought the original plant from a prairie nursery. Time and chance had its way with this little plant, and it disappeared. When I left my house and garden behind I forgot it.

One of my old plastic pots from the old garden came with me to these apartments I live in now. It was an ugly old pot, and the day I meant to take it to the dumpster I saw something small and pink blooming in it.

The Prairie fameflower, resurrected from patient seeds just waiting for enough sunlight and space. And now it, and its descendants are in a friend’s  andin some pots on my sunny outside window sill.



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