“Orange Peel” Jessamine

 Overcast days of intermittent rain, when it is too wet to dig in the garden, are not too wet to visit garden centers and look for new and promising plants.

Yesterday I visited both Hewitt and Creekside Garden Centers. At the former I found, and bought, a “Lemon Spritzer” Phygelius in full bloom.


And at the latter, I was excited to find the “Orange Peel” Jessamine, which is a hybrid Cestrum. This subshrub looks somewhat like a crape myrtle, but comes in a color I would describe as apricot peach. I cannot resist any plant that blooms in a sunset color.

The Plant Delights catalog offers this, and says it blooms spring to fall. My plant came from Monrovia Nurseries.

Cecile Matschat , in her “Mexican Plants for American Gardens” ,mentions both Cestrum  diurnum and Cestrum nocturnum, which are the parents of “Orange Peel”. The diurnum is”Juan de Noche”, the nocturnum is “Huele de Noche”.

How lovely this will be underplanted with blue plumbago or with a dusty pink agastache.Image


Other finds of the day- a “Snowflake” Oakleaf hydrangea and tall pink gomphrenas at Hewitt. Butter yellow Melampodiums at Creekside.

I might also mentiomn that I visited Moore and Moore two days ago and found some nice specimens of the White Butterfly Ginger-Hedychium coronarium- in the shade area. These were sizeable clumps, and I do not doubt they will bloom this year..I also noticed they were tagged as hardy in Zone 6. I know all the hedychiums are hardy in Nashville, for I grew several varieties for a decade in my old Bellevue garden. They all bloom late. They bloom best once they have established a good clump in rich moist soil.



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