Two David Austin Roses for a New Cottage Garden.

As the Industrial Rose takes over there seem to be fewer and fewer alternatives at the garden centers. A few years ago, Hewitt, out on Hillsboro Road, had a huge rose section. It is now one third its former size. There are a few landscape roses, a few hybrid teas, and a small number of Austin roses.

There is already one rose in this renovated bed. It is a two decade old Hybrid Musk “Penelope”.

Here is “Strawberry Hill”, which looks like a peony and smells like the Spice Islands.It can reach four feet tall, and its canes arch and bend.Image


And here is “Princess Anne”, which is more compact and has a very subtle tea scent.



And what companion plants will they have?

Here is one- the annual Gomphrena “Fireworks”.Image

Other companions will be Purple Toadflax, Some Gregg’s Salvias, Valerie Finnis Artemesia, and Pink Porterweed.


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