Growing Hedychiums in Nashville Gardens


The photo here is of Hedychium “Tai Golden Goddess”. I bought the plant from Plant Delights early this past summer, and put it in a garden in West Meade. I placed it in front of a stone retaining wall in a narrow border along the driveway. This border has moist,rich soil, and I thought the plant would do well there in the partial shade.

Much nonsense is written everyday about hardiness, but a decade’s experience in my old garden in Bellevue proved to me that Hedychiums, or Ginger Lilies, are hardy in Middle Tennessee. They are at least as hardy as cannas, and the Butterfly Ginger, Hedychium coronarium, is now sold at local garden centers as a Zone 6 plant.

Should you decide to try Hedychiums, I suggest buying early bloomers such as “Daniel Weeks”, the white Butterfly Ginger, and “Tai Golden Goddess”, which bloom in late summer and early autumn. Later bloomers, such as the spectacular “Elizabeth”, bloomed so late for me that they played tag with our first frosts-

A gentleman who saw this hedychium in the West Meade garden told me that these plants are the national flower of Cuba.

How delightful it is that they deign to bloom in our gardens, so far away from the warm breezes of old Havana!


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