In A West Meade Garden- October,15,2013

Along the cliffs and roadsides of Middle  Tennessee, the Heart Leaved Aster (Aster cordifolius) is blooming. In the wild it is a thrifty plant perhaps two feet tall. In the garden it can get much larger. Here it is planted in a rock wall garden, and when I photographed this this morning it was alive with bees-




And here is the Mexican Cigar Plant (Cuphea micropetala) .



I grew this plant for years in my Bellevue garden. It froze to the ground in November, but came back from the roots in spring. It multiplies easy by cuttings.


Here is Rhabdosia ,the Trumpet Spurflower. It gets morning shade here and is growing in clay soil. This is a first year plant that came from Plant Delights Nursery.




Tennessee’s growing season is long, and sometimes a gardener’s endurance is short. But the effort put into a fall garden is worth it-





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