Spring Report-The Green Hills Garden

After this past,vicious winter, I did not expect to see many survivors other than the wildflowers planted by the owner, the iris, and the peonies.

In some cases, I was proved right.

In others, I was proved surprised.

No surprise that a venerable rosemary,planted against a sunny south facing stone foundation, was killed outright when the temperature went from 70 to almost 0 in 24 hours. I do not think there was a rosemary in the city alive after that, and indeed the rosemary patch out on River Road at the Green Door Gourmet was a graveyard.

Also lost in the Green Hills garden were half the Gregg’s Salvias, although the larger plants with more wood on them are coming back from the roots.

I did not expect Salvia leucantha, or Wendy’s Wish Salvia to live. Nor did I expect to see three Indigo Spires Salvias coming back from the roots, which they are , with vigor. I have only seen this salvia survive one winter in all my years of gardening, so this is astonishing

And “Phyllis Fancy” listed as Zone 7 in the Plant Delights catalog, is ,alas, a winter non-doer. Dave’s Garden website says it is Zone 10, and I believe it, but it is such an excellent plant that who could resist replacing it-

Also alive is Salvia Darcyi, shown here-



And here are the crinums, now more than 20 years old, returning.




A tree peony in the herb garden-



Columbines, self-seeded, under a dogwood. Followed by Golden Ragwort along the front walk.





Two spring annuals that have been returning for over thirty years. Larkspur and the old timey Bachelor’s buttons. Both will bloom in May.ImageImageImage


Other plants of note that survived:

Cestrum “Orange Peel”. Coming back strong from the roots. It may reach 6 ft this season.

Verbena bonariensis

Erythina Bidwidii- green at the base and alive.


This year I plan to fill in these borders with Gomphrena (“Fire Works”, “Las Vegas Purple”, and “Strawberry Fields”), with Wheat Celosias, Salvia cocinea,Mexican zinnias, and Tithonia the Mexican Sunflower.












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