Shopping for Plants Locally

I had planned to work in the West Meade garden yesterday ,but rain overnight meant that that garden on a slope would become a mudslide, unsafe to work in.

Instead I went out looking for seeds and plants.

I buy plants at three local garden centers- Hewitt on the Hillsboro Road, Creekside, at the intersection of Harding Road and Harding Place, and Moore and Moore, here in Bellevue on Highway 100. All three of these businesses are good. All have good service, and all three are expensive.

But it is true that you get what you pay for, and if I wanted cheap I could drive over to Big Box and see what they have that is still alive, since their plant care is abysmal.

I have shopped at Moore and Moore since 1981, when it was in the spot where Creekside is now. Moore and Moore has the best herb selection of these three garden centers, It has good perennials, a nice selection of Salvias, and great sales in late summer. It is also the most mainstream and conservative of nurseries. Reliable, but with not much unexpected, though I once found Persicaria “Firetail” and both pink and purple Porterweeds at the old Moore and Moore. I never saw any of those for sale anywhere else-

Creekside takes more chances. I found the two Cestrum “Orange Peels” I put in the gardens last summer there. And since I am going over to the Green Hills garden today, I may stop there to see what they have. I have been searching for Rue, Ruta graveolans, and perhaps I might find it –Image

Both aforementioned garden centers have staff, but Hewitt employs an army. It is huge, and one of these days I am going to wander their shrub and tree lot to see if I can find any dwarf crape myrtles. It has greenhouse after greenhouse full of annuals, including Gomphrena “Fireworks” and reasonably priced 4 inch potted lantanas. I bought 3 pots of Portulaca oleracea, which yielded 24 cuttings for a mass planting in the Green Hills garden. And this gem, “Summer Jewels” salvia, pictured above.

I also found two Society Garlic plants. This plant , though from South Africa, has been in Southern gardens for so long that it is considered an heirloom. It is going to the herb garden in Green Hills.




And here are some of the Portulaca cuttings.



This is my mini nursery of cuttings, seedlings, and plants- to- be- placed lined up in my sunny foyer.




When I went out yesterday, I was looking for seeds of the old fashioned Portulaca, the Moss Rose. I finally found them at the Big Box, and at half price. I will be seeding them directly into the drier parts of the front border in Green Hills.


* A note to any Nashville gardeners reading this- Hewitt had two beautiful and good sized Cestrum “Orange Peel” plants for sale yesterday. They are down with the perennials, and cost 24 dollars apiece. They are worth the price.

* I forgot to mention that Hewitt is where I found the Erythina, the Coral Bean Plant.



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