The Curious Incident of the Angelonias in the Shopping Cart

Yesterday, at two different garden centers, I watched several people buying not one flat, not three, but five or more flats of blue annual Angelonias. At $4.99 a pot with twelve or fourteen pots per flat.

At the first store, a couple was loading up their van, and I guessed that they might be gardeners picking up bedding plants for a client willing to pay several hundred dollars for plants that will not outlive November. But here, in what a friend of mine once called “the money side of town”, $200 does not mean to some what it might mean to you or to me.

I suspected some sort of suburban bedding scheme in the making, and thought no more about it until I was getting into my truck after poking around at another larger, and more posh garden center. Here was an older lady, and by older I mean older than I, and I am sixty four.

Angelonias again. All blue, in multiple flats- going into the trunk of her car.

What was happening here? Was it a coincidence? Or had some gardening expert on “Talk of the Town”  praised these plants so highly that he had set off the horticultural equivalent of a gold rush? Were these people cornering the market? Did they plan to re-sell the new “it” plant the way scalpers sell UT-Florida tickets?

Applying Occam’s Razor, I discarded the conspiracy theories. Most likely a new issue of “Southern Living” was calling Angelonias the plant to have this year.

Never underestimate the power and reach of “Southern Living”.

Or was it something else? Had someone with not much better to do and loads of motivation found that Angelonias had medicinal properties? Did they help people burn fat fast? Was Doctor Oz behind this?

Or did they have mind altering qualities when dried and baked in brownies?

You would not think my questions strange if you worked in a prison clinic as I do. Inmates experiment with smoking all kinds of things-


I would think two flats of Angelonias would be sufficient in any private garden, but there is no accounting for taste, and perhaps these people, or their clients like their borders and planters spike-y.

Here is a photo of the plant in question.


And as you can see, I bought only one.





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