Blooming Today in Green Hills

This is the annual self-seeding larkspur that has been seeding itself in this garden for thirty years or more. One never sees these for sale as plants at garden centers, for they do not care for potted up life. They grow where they are sown, and bloom with the roses.


Here is Digiplexis “Illumination” in its first month in this garden, and stubbier than I had anticipated. It is a hybrid between the Common Foxglove and Isoplexis, a plant from the Canary Islands. How it will grow here is yet to be seen.



Now, an unusual combination- the sometimes pestiferous Showy Evening Primrose and the blooms of some ancient Heuchera cultivar. The primrose is common on roadsides and soft shoulders , and in the garden, with no asphalt to slow it down, runs everywhere.


And here we see an excellent idea- Helleborus orientalis, the Lenten Rose, used as a ground cover Note the chipmunk home between the hellebore clump and the spirea. In this flower bed the chipmunks dig, the rabbits chew, and the cat next store is no deterrent, though I have seen a red-tailed hawk from time to time.

angelas yard may 26 012

The next two photos are of the herb garden, which is being re-planted. It faces southwest, and is warmed by a stone foundation. Unfortunately the decade old Rosemary that was in here did not survive this past winter. We have added two to replace it, and also put in two Wallflowers from Lowes that the owner is enthusiastic about. I remain agnostic about these, and suspect their prospects may be dim.



In the Front Walk Border the irises and peonies are over, and the garden now has a quiet period before the summer through autumn bloomers begin.


But some sections are flower-free, and arranged for foliage alone. Here are Gold Sword yuccas, euphorbias, and rue.Image

Another view of the Bachelor’s buttons in the upper border near the drive. They self seed, and to my surprise attract goldfinches to their seed heads .








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