A Salvia Seedling

The shrubby Gregg’s salvias I planted last year in the Green Hills garden did not do well. Only three lived through our awful winter.

One, a cherry red cultivar I bought for 1/2 price at Moore and Moore, is blooming now. The other two still look stunned-

Beneath the bloomer, I found a seedling- a great find since the presumed mother plant is hardy.But will it be red? Not all the Gregg’s salvias were. And there were other salvias in the garden as well. Salvia leucantha. Salvia guaranitica “Van Remson”. Phyllis Fancy”. “Indigo Spires”.  And “Wendy’s Wish”.

No one intentionally bred the last two. Alert gardeners found them,potted them up and waited. It seems that salvias are promiscuous, and their pollen gets around.

This little plant , even if it is not some new wonder, is special to me.

It volunteered. I found it. And with three months of summer ahead,and two warm months in fall. I expect it will bloom.

I will keep looking for other seedlings, and if there is any advice I would give to other gardeners, it is to be curious, for there is nothing better than the treasure hunt for self-sown seedlings-

 Remember that not everything that sprouts is the evil buckwheat vine.




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